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If you visit Tokyo, why don’t you come to “Sweets Cafe Tokyo” in Asakusa? Our place is situated in an old Japanese style house which was used as a home before. We serve traditional Japanese sweets, and beverages in a comfortable atmosphere with conversations, on subjects like Japanese culture, foods, sports, traveling, Ninjas...etc. You can try Japanese calligraphy, matcha foaming and have your picture taken in a Ninja costume as well.

We welcome foreign guests from Asia, America, Europe, Africa and any continents and any countries. Our menu is Muslim friendly. We hope you can take a rest and relax with sweets and beverages in our cafe while sightseeing in Asakusa.

  • Wi-Fi and AC power outlets available.
  • We have a private space in which you can pray

東京に来たら「スイーツカフェトウキョウ」に来ませんか? 私たちは海外からの旅行者の方に日本の伝統的なスイーツや健康面に配慮した食事などと飲み物を提供しながら、日本の習慣や文化などについて一緒にお話ししたいと思っています。食べ物、スポーツ、旅行、忍者…など何でも結構です。習字や抹茶の体験や、忍者の衣装で写真撮影もできます。


  • Wi-FiとAC電源をお使い頂けます。
  • ムスリムの方にお祈りでお使い頂けるような個室があります。

We also offer a range of culinary experiences too such as our popular Handmade udon class, takoyaki making, making your own ramen and sake tasting. Click here for more information!

手作りうどん体験やたこ焼きパーティー体験、ラーメン作り体験、利き酒など、いろいろな体験もできます。 ここをクリックして、詳細ご覧ください 


  • English
  • 日本語

Address: 2nd Floor, 1-3-14 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
(1st Floor is Monja-yaki restaurant, “Kappa Matsuri")

Phone: 03-5830-6942

E-Mail: info@sweetscafetokyo.com

Open: 08:30-17:00 everyday. Dinner is by reservation only

Please come in through the sliding door. If you can’t find the entrance (it might be a bit difficult), call us.

所在地:東京都台東区西浅草1-3-14 2階



営業時間:08:30-17:00 ディナーはご予約のみ。 定休日なし



Click your country’s flag to show messages from us.

President Trump isn’t here. So, you can eat Japanese sweets in a calm atmosphere. There is no reason that Americans, who have been old friends of Japanese, wouldn’t feel welcome here.

There is no Guinness here. If you want to drink it, go to an Irish pub in Temple Bar, Dublin. We only have nice Japanese sweets here.

George Best, whom I respect, didn’t come to our cafe. We don’t have alcohol which he was fond of too much, but we have nice Japanese sweets.

This is not The Louvre. Therefore, we don’t have “La Joconde”. We have sweets Japonism. Unfortunately, there are very few customers. Come on “La Marseillaise”

Gaius Julius Caesar didn’t come to our cafe. Modern Italians, please come to us across the Rubicon to eat Japanese sweets. You might be bored with pizza and pasta.

Please don’t be absorbed in the premier league and gambling too much. Come to our cafe to eat Japanese sweets instead. There is no one but football freaks in Stoke City.

Samba Carnival is one of the best festivals in the world. However, please don’t dance in our cafe because the floor would fall through. We are waiting for Brazilians from the back side of the earth.

There is no terrible grizzly bear here. We only have pandas at the zoo in the neighborhood. So, Canadians, please be at ease and come to our cafe.

As we are a “no animals allowed” cafe, kangaroos and koalas can’t enter either. However, we welcome fans of the Wallabies ! “Advance Australia Fair” to our cafe.

This is Eden Park in Japan, but Dan Carter isn’t here. If you want to see him, go to France. When you go, please take me with you because I’m a big fan of him.

There are no pandas here. If you want to see them, go to Sichuan, which is famous for spicy food. As a matter of course, we don’t serve bamboo grass, but delicious Japanese sweets like Youtiao and Doujiang instead. We welcome Chinese.

“Sawat dee khrab”, “Alloy”, “Sa baay” and “Sanuk”

We don’t serve Taiwan beer. If you want to drink it, go to Lin Sen Bei Lu. We are like a sweets cafe in Longshan Temple. Although we don’t have “Kitty”, please come to our cafe. If not, please tell us why.

Koreans, you can come to our cafe by noon, if you leave Seoul in the morning. When you come, please bring Park Ji Sung. I’m a big fan of him and admire him.

Selamat datang! We are a NO animal and NO alcohol cafe for you. Unless you come, who would come?

We are like Jalan Alor in Japan, but we don’t have pork and alcohol. Malaysians, we are looking forward to seeing you.

“Jamon” and “Cava” are so amazing, but unfortunately, we don’t have them. We only have great Japanese sweets. We have a favor to ask you Spanish, please support Takashi Inui in Eibar and Gaku Shibasaki in Getafe.

Scotch whisky is incredibly good, but we don’t have it. If you want to drink it, go to the Whisky Bar & Restaurant in High Street, Edinburgh. Let’s eat sweets here in Japan.

Weizen beer is absolutely good, but we don’t have it. If you want to drink it, go to Hofbrauhaus in Munich and drink it with singing “Ein Prosit”. When you go, please take me with you because I love it. Come on and join us, old friends in Europe.

I’m a big fan of Dan Biggar and Leigh Halfpenny. Although Millennium Stadium is beautiful, I miss Lansdowne Road. Come on Red Dragons!


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